Vinay is a born artist. He started to dance at the age of 6. Dance is his passion and contribution of his funds to charity not only makes him inspiring but also thought provoking. Interviews from his co-workers reveal that he is not only a strict person when it comes to dance but also a down to heart person for everyone. So guys whoever wants to learn from him better not be lazy. Reviews from his fans are not only interesting but also exciting. Well well as he is the eligible bachelor of 2020 curiosity is being winded up from several corners to see who he is going to be hooked. From faithful resources it is gatherd that proposals have been coming from all corners of the world but it seems like he is not interested in any of them. May be he has a girl friend already. But girls don't get dissappointed, its just my guess. Keep trying. Good Luck Vinay. We love you. Keep continuing and make us excited as ever

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Upcoming News & Events



12/05 Vinay is going to host perform for the event of Charity for MotherTeresa Trust. Tickets are available here.



03/06 Vinay is goint to have birthday blast with his beloved friends Piyush and TigerShroff .



05/07 Vinay is going to start his concert campaign from Sydney. Updates and Tickes will be updated soon