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AJRR Overview

AJRR is a holdings and financial advisory services company. Founded by some of the best financial advisors, the company has representation in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and USA. The company is dedicated to providing services that can add value to organizations progressing towards expansion into the global markets. Working out of some of the emerging cities in the country, AJRR Holdings Pvt  Ltd is a company formed by a young and dynamic team that can drive results and help clients reach greater milestones. Focusing on bringing better investments for mid-sized companies through external commercial borrowings, the company promises the best investment opportunities at the most affordable rates from trusted sources.


As an emerging company, we seek to positively impact the growth of business development initiatives for clients that are scaling up and expanding globally.


We are working towards capitalizing on the shift of capital from occidental to oriental markets and the growth of the companies venturing into the global markets.

Our Services

Infrastructure funding

AJRR Holdings also helps companies get financing for infrastructure projects, collaborations with

Financial Consultation

Working with our strategic network of investors and partner companies, AJRR Holdings provides fun

Financial Due Diligence

Providing due diligence to client companies, the service includes financial documentation, viabil