• We help people to respect the value of life
    ..With Fun, Engagement and Motivation
  • Safety, Security, Crisis Management and Business Continuity
    Its all about people
    Not just documents, audits and compliance
    We help you to transform from
    Compliance to Culture
    Paper to People

About Feenix


We are culture building and change experts in the field of safety crisis and emergency management and business continuity management

This is backed by a rich experience of over three decades in the field in safety culture, disaster management , crisis management and business continuity

We focus not on just compliance and documents, but on the most difficult part of change – the human hearts and minds

With a consistent record of successfully managing natural disasters, accidents , several crisis situations we have a lot to share as lessons

We have international experience working across countries including Japan, South Korea and Singapore in crisis & emergency management

We believe global policies and one size fits all approach can not work unless localized . Glo- Cal( Think Global ,Act Local)

Our Services

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What Do We Do

We primarily focus on people and team work to build a culture of safety, crisis management and business continuity

We conduct motivational programs to change people by winning over their hearts and minds and help them respect the value of life

We cut across departmental and attitudinal barriers to build and integrate teams to promote resilience

We are the disruptors and completely break the monotonous approach of compliance and infuse passion , energy and enthusiasm

We are specialists in creating experiences through various methodologies ~, drama, dance , team games, music, simulations, fun quiz apart from classroom sessions

We leaders to take charge of safety and crisis management and inspire as role models

We have clients across IT, engineering , mining. telecommunications, manufacturing etc

We work with our clients to fill in the missing link in safety and resilience - that is Passion, Emotion, Motivation, Personal Ownership, Culture, Fun and Engagement , Team Work and Participation

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